Weekly Mini-Assignment Prompt

Final Project Peer Comments

For student: Write the title of your Webpage here

For peer reviewers: paste your evaluation comments from the Dropbox evaluation form for your respective student webpages here

Mini-Assignment 10:

Due Tuesday, April 2, 8pm: Mini assignment 10 Primary sources: look through MSU library online and in-library archives, check out (onthebanks.msu.edu; special collections, newspaper archives, the voice library: https://vvl.lib.msu.edu, etc). Provide your full bibliography for your essay, including the primary and secondary sources you have gathered. Bibliography should be in Chicago Manual Style (I recommend downloading Zotero for bibliographic entries).

Mini-Assignment 9: Final Project Materials

Here you will add the descriptions tied to the materials you have put in Dropbox on the D2l website.

To the Dropbox Folder in D2L, upload 3 types of files:

1. audio excerpts/video excerpts (1-2)

2. photos/documents/observation notes (3-4)

3. secondary sources: articles you wish to cite, upload the whole article (1-2)

4. primary sources: archival documents, surveys, documentation from online sources, historical photos not taken by you,  advertisements (1-2)

On our WordPress site, provide descriptions for the following metadata:

1. Material Type

2. Material Source (i.e. where did you get it?)

3. Description of the nature of the material (i.e. if it is a photo, what is it a photo of?)

4. How do you plan to incorporate this into the final project?


Mini-Assignment 8 Fieldnotes

500 word fieldnotes from research observations, notes from interviews, etc.

Mini-Assignment 7 Transcription

Interview and transcribe a selected 3-minute piece of an interview. Comment on at least one other students’ post [see transcription example under D2L File: Final Project

Mini Assignment 6 Preliminary Questionnaire for chosen interviewee

Write-up a preliminary questionnaire (with annotations for your rationale for certain questions) for your life history narrative. Parameters: questions that will illicit background information regarding your interviewee (where did they grow up, what is their family like, what was their childhood like?) Think of this interview as you asking them to give you a tour of their life, both chronologically and thematically.  In addition to background information, come up with pointed questions regarding your research question/project. What can you ask them that will help you better understand your research topic? For some tips look forward to our readings: LeCompte and Schensul Chapter 6 “In-Depth, Open-Ended Interviewing” pp. 134-167 AND Chapter 7 “Semi-structured interviewing” pp. 171-194 (D2L)

Minimum of 10 questions

Comment on at least two peers’ posts.

Mini Assignment 5

Journal entry of an observed event/activity that pertains to your research topic/population. This does not have to be with one of your research participants, but should help you get to know the population you are studying better. 500 words.

Mini Assignment 4 Identifying and Planning Life History Narrative

Based on our discussions of Schensul and LeCompte on how to do life history (oral history) narratives, and with the guidance of several of our other authors, write a 500 word plan that addresses these questions: Who are you interviewing? What do you know about them already? What is a basic outline of what you might ask them? [This last point you might consider these things: basic background information, their involvement and role in whatever organization/association/community (how did they come to be part of it?), general descriptions of one or several aspects of their life that pertains to your overall research question]

Mini Assignment 3 IRB certification

A visitor from the Institutional Review Board at MSU will give you guidelines on how to become certified with the IRB.

Mini Assignment 2 Literature Review of Topic

How have other people done ethnographic research on your chosen topic or area? Initial list of sources written as an annotated bibliography of at least five sources (paragraph for each source). Please visit Deborah Margolis, the Anthropology librarian, at the MSU library, or contact her at deborahm@mail.lib.msu.edu for help finding resources.

Mini-assignment 1 MLK Day

MLK Day observations journal entry AND (What do you know about ethnographic fieldwork and/or research methods? What do you want to learn? Due to Word Press site by Tuesday January 17th 8pm